For over six decades, the Georgia Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (GACRAO) has provided the state of Georgia a resource for Admissions and Registrar professionals.  From our award winning GEM and GISEM programs, to our informative and network driven Annual Conference, GACRAO prides itself on being one of the foremost state and regional ACRAO organizations in the US.  

Past Presidents

Year President Institution
1954-1955* Walter N. Danner University of Georgia
1955-1956 Elizabeth Winn Wesleyan College
1956-1957* L.L. Clegg Emory University
1957-1958* W.L. Carmichael Georgia Institute of Technology
1958-1959* J.T. Morris Middle Georgia College
1959-1960* Louise Thompson Shorter College
1960-1961 G.D. Wilson Berry College
1961-1962* Horace Sturgis Georgia Institute of Technology
1962-1963* Elizabeth Parker West Georgia College
1963-1964* R.A. Thorne Georgia Military College
1964-1965* Mary L. Livengood Columbus College
1965-1966* M.O. Phelps University of Georgia
1966-1967* Charles N. Watson Emory University
1967-1968* R. Linton Cox, Jr. Georgia College
1968-1969 William S. Patrick Georgia State University
1969-1970 Columbus Posey Mercer University
1970-1971 Paul Gaines Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
1971-1972 Helen Mayes Albany State College
1972-1973* Tom Glover Berry College
1973-1974* Lloyd L. Joyner, Jr. Georgia Southern College
1974-1975* Embree S. Humphrey Brunswick Junior College
1975-1976 Thomas H. Rogers, Jr. Kennesaw College
1976-1977* Winston R. Carroll Emory University
1977-1978 W.H. Smith West Georgia College
1978-1979* Claire C. Swann University of Georgia
1979-1980* Don Coleman Georgia Southern College
1980-1981* Jeanne Allen Spellman College
1981-1982* William B. Edmonds Gainesville Junior College
1982-1983 Joe F. Head Georgia Southern College
1983-1984 Annette B. Satterfield Clayton Junior College
1984-1985* Arthur L. Bostock, Jr. Valdosta State College
1985-1986 Dorothy B. Hubbard Albany State College
1986-1987* E. Frederick Griffith, Jr. Brunswick College
1987-1988 Harlan Chapman Dalton College
1988-1989 Herman L. Bradshaw, Jr. Southern College of Technology
1989-1990 Frederick A. Fresh Clark Atlanta University
1990-1991 Doyle Bickers West Georgia College
1991-1992 Lee Ragsdale Truett-McConnell College
1992-1993 Martha F. Reynolds Mercer University
1993-1994 Julia Collier Griffith Kennesaw State College
1994-1995 Garth L. Webb, Jr. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
1995-1996 Tonya Lam Clayton State College
1996-1997 Benjamin J. Allen Atlanta Metropolitan College
1997-1998* Carol S. Nobles University of Georgia
1998-1999 Dee B. Minter Macon State College
1999-2000* Mike Deal Georgia Southern University
2000-2001 Mollie DeHart Coastal Georgia Community College
2001-2002 Jerry Wright Valdosta State University
2002-2003 John McElveen Middle Georgia College
2003-2004 Katherine Sweeney Augusta State University
2004-2005 Tom Call Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
2005-2006 Donna Findley Georgia Military College
2006-2007 Bruce Applewhite Macon State College
2007-2008 Mike Augustine Georgia College and State University
2008-2009 Mack Palmour Gainesville State College
2009-2010 Clinton Hobbs Young Harris College
2010-2011 Dr. Angela Evans Kennesaw State University
2011-2012 Dr. Nichole Kennedy Technical College System of Georgia
2012-2013 Scott Argo Georgia Regents University
2013-2014 Cynthia Peterson Piedmont College
2014-2015 Donna Webb Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
2015-2016 David Jenkins Georgia Southwestern State College
2016-2017 Selena Magnusson Georgia Northwestern Technical College
2017-2018 Natasha B. Talreja Kennesaw State University
2018-2019 Erin Chadwick Augusta University
2019-2020 Taylor A. King Columbus State University
2020-2021 Jonathan Scott Georgia Southwestern State University
2021-2022 Dr. Amy K. Clines Georgia Southern University